Banerjee, Prof. Dr. Mita+49 6131 39-22711Email
Schäfer, Prof. Dr. Axel +49 6131 39-26767Email
Scheiding, Prof. Dr. Oliver+49 6131 39-22357Email

Research Professors

Hornung, Prof. Dr. Alfred+49 6131 39-23535Email


Herget, Prof. Dr. Winfried+49 6131 39-24293Email


Appeltrath, Silvia (Office Banerjee)+49 6131 39-22146Email
Vollrath, Anette (Office Scheiding)+49 6131 39-22357Email


Bassimir, Anja-Maria M.A.+49 6131 39-27290Email
Clearwater, Michael M.A.+49 6131 39-20255Email
Dietrich, Dr. René+49 6131 39-38419Email
Feyerabend, Dr. Britta+49 6131 39-25691Email
Gail, Dr. Dorothea+49 6131 39-24635Email
Georgi, Dr. Sonja+49 6131 39-27215Email
Gingrich, Derek M.A.+49 6131 39-24628Email
Görg, Dr. Claudia+49 6131 39-22764Email
Hanslik, Melanie M.A.+49 6131 39-23466Email
Heydt, Nina M.A.+49 6131 39-22711Email
Höttges, Dr. Bärbel+49 6131 39-22768Email
Katzmarzik, Joy+49 6131 39-23466Email
Kim, Dr. Sabine+49 6131 39-24449Email
Lanzendörfer, Dr. Tim+49 6131 39-20255Email
Obenland, Dr. Frank+49 6131 39-22767Email
Plicht, Christine M.A.+49 6131 39-22250Email
Sawallisch, Nele M.A.+49 6131 39-20254Email
Schäfer, Rebecca M.A.+49 6131 39-22250Email
Schlarb, Damien Ph.D.+49 6131 39-20254Email
Siebald, apl. Prof. Dr. Manfred+49 6131 39-24635Email
Spahr, Dr. habil. Clemens+49 6131 39-20256Email
Velten, Julia M.A.+49 6131 39-24449Email
Wiegmink, Dr. Pia+49 6131 39-27215Email
Wohlmann, Dr. Anita+49 6131-39-25994Email

Adjunct Faculty

Gernalzick, PD Dr. NadjaEmail
Roy, Bonnie M.A.+49 6131 39-20255Email
Smyth, Thomas Ph.D.+49 6131 39-34991Email
Wacker, Petra M.A.+49 6131 39-22767Email
Wetzel-Sahm, Dr. Birgit+49 6131 39-22250Email
Faculty and staff in fall 2015
Faculty and staff in fall 2015

For office hours, please refer to the individual pages of the faculty members.